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CEO Norbert Gauß

Chips and everything else

Based in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach, we support customers all over the world with our comprehensive portfolio in the field of industrial communication and control ASICs. Many well-known companies don’t just trust and rely on our technology, but also commission us to implement their ideas and visions. Because profichip is not just about chips, but about the whole world of automation. As summarized by our motto: Automation in silicon.

A very special declaration of independence
Formerly, each producer of control technology had its own protocol, right with the corresponding chips. This caused their customers to become extremely inflexible – as well as dependent on their supplier. Until, in April 1999, profichip was founded as a spin-off of VIPA GmbH. Finally, there was an independent solution on the chip market: profichip – because our products can be used in almost any interface.

Innovations right from the start

In addition to ASICs for intra-system PLC processes and instructions, profichip offered the first profibus slave controller VPC3+ ​​and later the lean slave VPCLS. Another proof of our innovative capacity? You are welcome: the successful development of the first silicon-based high-performance PLC, the SPEED7 PLC7000! A great and important step in the evolution of PLCs, because the SPEED7 technology was programmable in Step7 right from the start. Thus, profichip positioned itself as the Intel of PLC s/w.

Good people – good work!

Our dream team in development and support has now reached a head count of 28 – and what kind of heads! At profichip, we are happy to work with only best engineers who will apply their vast expertise in automation and their extensive knowledge in industrial fieldbus communication technology to your advantage.
Put us to the test!

"Our business mission is to increase our customers success providing them the smartest components for automation and communication!"
Wolfgang Seel, Founder

Company profile

  • profichip is a private held company located in Herzogenaurach, Germany
  • profichip incorporates a team of professional engineers with long expertise in the field of automation and extensive knowledge of industrial fieldbus communication technologies.
  • profichip commits itself to provide optimized chip designs for the automation world.
  • profichip supports the customer with a complete range of services.

profichip is a member of

  • PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation, Germany
  • PROFIBUS & PROFINET North America
  • PI China
  • Associação PROFIBUS, Brazil
  • PROFIBUS Network Italia
  • Japanese PROFIBUS Organization
  • PROFIBUS Czech Republic
  • Indian PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association
  • EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG)
  • CAN-CiA, Germany
  • CC-Link Partner Association CLPA-Europe
  • Mechatrolink Member Association (MMA)