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No more bottlenecks in your Ethernet communication system

Our new NOTOS chipset enables you to use our latest backplane technology.

Our new NOTOS chipset enables you to use our latest backplane technology. The SliceBus 2.0 technology was created to deliver many additional functionalities in a price sensitive small frame.

Through speeds, up to 192 Mbps, our new backplane system won’t be your bottleneck in an Ethernet-based communication system. We were also able to reduce power consumptions up to 60 %, so you can downsize your hardware even more. Outstanding noise immunity, detailed diagnostics, accurate time synchronization and smart error handling offer more added – value for your system. Our new 32 bit shift register mode paired with up to 64 Nodes per master enables more I/Os than before. Integrated technology functions like counters, frequency measurement, SSI and PWM, as well as an integrated termination resistor, are going to reduce your total system cost.

We also improved existing functionalities even further

  • SPI (80 Mbps, 128 Byte process image, etc.)
  • Time synchronization
  • Counters
  • Faster I2C (up to 1000 kHz)



Into the Future with ANTAIOS

Flexible Multi-Protocol Solutions with a Future

For almost 20 years, the fieldbus specialists here at profichip have enjoyed great success in the PROFIBUS sector with their VPC3+ product family. As well as our renowned personalized customer support, users appreciate the versatile technical capabilities of our solutions. We are continuing this successful strategy with the ANTAIOS multi-fieldbus communication chip.

ANTAIOS primarily focuses on the efficient and flexible implementation of high-performance real-time Ethernet communication protocols such as PROFINET IRT or TSN/OPC UA.  The real-time Ethernet unit is programmable, and is therefore able to support all Ethernet-based protocols. This enables quick reaction to any protocol changes and offers a high degree of flexibility and security in the future, as new features can be conveniently retrofitted via software (microcode). It means ANTAIOS is ready now for any TSN extensions that are coming up and whatever future challenges Industry 4.0 and IIoT may bring.

Setting it apart from other implementations, the I/O data is available via a hardware interface (consistency interface). Slow access times via software callback functions and long copy routines are a thing of the past. This makes the I/O data available in real-time.

Furthermore, the user has the option to separate the PROFINET consumer/provider states from the I/O data via the consistency interface. A convenient extra function is that the data can be re-sorted into virtually any order by the hardware and converted into the desired target format, which also eliminates time-consuming software routines.

Additional ANTAIOS key features:

-          ARM® Cortex® A5 processor, 32/32kB cache, 288MHz

-          2-port real-time Ethernet switch with integrated PHYs

-          Gigabit Ethernet MAC with external PHY

-          DDR2 SDRAM (max. 256 MB)

-          QuadSPI controller (96 MHz)

-          Parallel host interface consisting of:

o   Consistency interface for I/O data

o   FIFO interface for acyclic functions

-           Serial host interface:

o   SPI slave (max. 24 Mbps)

o   High-speed UARTs (up to 12 Mbps)

-          Classic fieldbuses:

o   PROFIBUS Master

o   PROFIBUS Slave

o   CAN

-          SliceBus Master

o   I/O system with up to 64 modules



profichip offers easy access to PROFINET with an evaluation board comprising the following components:

-          Free development environment

o   eCos 3.0 operating system

o   GNU GCC compiler 5.4.0

-          PROFINET I/O device stack

-          PROFINET examples:

o   Simple slave (certificate number: Z11905)

o   Compact slave

o   Modular slave

o   Isochron Mode

In this way you can develop your software entirely on the evaluation board while simultaneously working on your hardware. Our reference circuit diagrams are available to you as a basis for your hardware design. Before you create your layout, we offer a free review of your circuit diagram.

profichip gives you the support you need:

-          Individual consultation before you purchase development packages or software

-          Phone or email support free of charge during development

-          Expert after-sales service

-          Assistance with creating GSDML files

-          Free review of circuit diagram

-          PROFINET conformity test in our own test laboratory

-          Assistance with certification

-          Contract development

-          Workshops, training courses and on-site support by appointment

-          Access to our experts in ASIC design and software development

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