Lots of room for the boom

Industrial Ethernet and Industry 4.0 have joined forces to form the sector of the future. In fields like automotive production, logistics, facility management and power plant operations they have already become indispensable. But other industries, too, are discovering the opportunities automation offers in finding efficient solutions, while the internet of things opens up completely new possibilities. The trend is rising. Worldwide.


Microchips in automation: the drivers and the driven.
The automation boom has only become possible thanks to huge improvements in the performance of microchips whose constantly growing abilities are the true motor of progress. Fueled by this interaction, however, the demands on microchips are further increasing. The amount of information to be processed by industrial networks is rising rapidly. Real-time communications, security, productivity and an ever-increasing efficiency are standard expectations.

The bar has been set high, but we have had years to take a run.
Industrial communication, a challenging industry – but that’s exactly what we have been dedicating ourselves to for years: PLCs, SPCs and I/O systems are the application fields for our products. profichip controllers are specifically and exclusively designed to satisfy the constantly growing demands of the automation industry.