SIEMENS Multiple Point Interface

The profichip MPI12x is a combined communication ASIC with an 8-Bit microprocessor interface, for MPI and PROFIBUS-DP slave applications.

The MPI12x handles the message and address identification, the data security sequences and the protocol processing for PROFIBUS, the underlying transport protocol. Token handling, error detection and data pre-processing are carried out automatically, relieving the host processor of all time-critical and time-consuming calculation tasks.

Data transmission
The support of data transmission rates up to 12 Mbit/s, the hardware integrated PROFIBUS protocol, the 4 KByte communication RAM and the configurable microprocessor-interface are features to create high-performance MPI applications.
Integrated is as well the well known VPC3-series PROFIBUS-DP-Slave core (DP-V2 service, clock-synchronisation).

  • MPI communication up to 12MBit/s incl. token and low-level PROFIBUS handling
  • Additional PROFIBUS-DP slave core (VPC3+C compatible)
  • 4kB integrated SRAM
  • Configurable 8-Bit ┬Ácontroller interface
  • 3.3V single supply voltage / 5V tolerant inputs
  • Software stack
  • Package PQFP44 (RoHS compliant)