General Description

The evaluation kit consists

  • PROFIBUS base board including RS485 and fiber optic interface
  • Extension board with Atmel 89C5132 microcontroller
    (USB C51-based Microcontroller, 64K Bytes Flash, InSystemProgrammable via USB)
  • PROFIBUS-DP V1/V2 Firmware (C source code)
  • Two additional VPC3+C ASICs for test purpose
  • complete plug´n´play PROFIBUS DP Slave unit based on VPC3+C including appropriate hard- and software (source code): the basic set for PROFIBUS newcomers to reduce development time and cost


Electrical data

Power supply
Current consumption

7 to 24 V DC
max. 700mA

RS485 PROFIBUS interface


Data transfer rate
Total length
Max. no. of station

Screened twisted pair cable, under certain conditions unscreened lines are permitted.
9.6 kBaud to 12 MBaud (automatic adjustment)
100 m without repeaters for 12 MBaud, 1000 m with repeaters
32 stations in any segment without repeaters. Extendable to 126 stations.

Fiber optic PROFIBUS interface

Network topology
Data transfer rate
Total length
Max. no. of stations

4-pole socket for fiber optic cable
Linear structure with twin-core FO cable, no bus terminator required
twin-core fiber optic cable
9.6 kBaud to 12 MBaud (automatic adjustment)
max. 50 m between stations
126 stations incl. Master.