ProfiCaptain - DP master platform

ProfiCaptain is a PC based PROFIBUS DP master that has been designed for applications like: I/O tests, commissioning, parameterization and demonstrations. It fills the gaps that other products leave open and makes working with PROFIBUS a lot easier, faster and more fun.

The main platform is a configuration environment in which the user can setup his slaves with the respective modules and parameters. After setting up the network, the user puts them online without compilation or download. The I/Os can simply be watched and manipulated. If needed, class 2 functions can be used on all addresses in the network, even if they are not configured or belong to another master. The software runs on the USB communication processor (ProfiCore) that is the same as the Analyzer.

Application areas

  • I/O testing and address setting for
    cabinet builders
  • Manual override for process operators
  • Product testing for integrators
    and manufacturers
  • Product evaluation
  • Product demonstration
  • Education


Background information

This tool has been developed because of high investments in hardware and software just to test, evaluate or demonstrate PROFIBUS products (PLCs, PC cards, power supplies and cables). If people have the means to invest, than not all communication functions are available and it requires knowledge about tools and programming. ProfiCaptain is a perfect solution for a small and easy to handle master system.



Product features

Test and control your slave devices.

  • Putting slaves in Data Exchange
  • I/O control with automatic patterns
  • Automatic detection of the busparameters
  • Brand new concept of 'stealing' slaves
  • Class 2 functions in a Class 1 framework
  • I/O testing with automatic patterns
  • No shutdowns when updating the configuration
  • Deactivating slaves in the configuration



Software features

  • Integrated in ProfiTrace 2
  • Works on PCs/PGs and Laptops with a communication processor attached to the USB port (ProfiCore).
  • Supported operating systems: Win98(SE), Win2000, WinXP
  • Language: English



Stealing slaves
Stealing slaves from other masters without removing them from the bus or shutting the masters down.

Automatic detection of the busparameters
Detection of busparameters (Tslot, MaxTSDR, Tset, etc).
Suggested master address.
Dynamic Live List.
All baudrates are supported (9.6 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s).
Prevention of accidental shutdowns.

I/O Testing
Watches and modification on selectable variable types (bool, hex, decimal, float, etc).
Automatic patterns (bit walks, zig-zags and counters).

Acyclical class 2 functions
Acyclical class 2 functions on all addresses.
Set Slave Address.
Read Inputs/Outputs (of every slave in the network).
Get Configuration.
Get Diagnostics.
Automatic identification of all the slaves in the network (address, product name and Ident Number).

User friendly configuration software.
Easy network creation with advanced GSD import.
No shutdowns when updating the configuration.
Deactivating slaves in the configuration when they are not required.



Hardware Features


  • PROFIBUS baudrate max. 12 Mbps.
  • Galvanic isolated PROFIBUS interface.
  • Latest RS 485 technology.


  • Frequency: 2 x 192 MHz.
  • Bandwith: 100 MHz.
  • Differential measurement: -9 to +9 V.
  • Single ended: -4,5 to +8 V.


  • High speed USB 2.0 interface.
  • External power supply possible if required.